BCC Turf Field

Encouraging healthy options for positive youth development is a core component of our philanthropic mission, and we believe sports serve as a powerful catalyst towards those ends. As a community asset, the constructed turf field at the Berkshire Community College campus creates more opportunities for athletes and community members to access a quality playing surface fostering healthy physical fitness and the values of sport – teamwork, leadership, dedication, healthy competition, and interpersonal communication. Importantly, the field provides athletes the opportunity to continuously train and compete on a quality playing surface early in the year during the spring thaw and late into the year with threatening snowstorms – all without the need for field surface regeneration.

This upgraded athletics facility will help keep Berkshires teams competitive with those outside of the area, and will equip Berkshires teams and organizations with the ability to host high-level regional competitions, games, tournaments, and events. Furthermore, the construction of this field has created the opportunity to correct some ecological alterations that had occurred on the campus during past infrastructure projects. This has resulted in positive environmental benefits for the surrounding flora and fauna.

This community asset symbolizes the commitment we have to promote healthy, positive activities, habits, and environments for community members of all ages. You can learn more about the BCC Turf Field project here.