Building a community

Mill Town Capital is a private impact investment company based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.  We:

  • Provide capital and guidance to emerging and existing firms
  • Explore and pursue concepts with entrepreneurs
  • Pursue impactful real estate development with a focus on urban revitalization and market rate housing development
  • Advise community and private foundations on their philanthropic initiatives

Mill Town has extensive relationships in the venture capital industry.  We look for entrepreneurial leaders with broad aspirations.

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Areas of Interest

Food & Agriculture

We pursue business solutions and technology advancements that help improve the vibrant food & agriculture sector in the Berkshires and beyond.

Distributed Workforce Solutions

We explore technologies and innovations that provide solutions for a growing distributed workforce. These include coworking, worker connectivity, on-demand hiring platforms, and recruitment & retention solutions.

Local Industry Support

We have an interest in concepts and business solutions supporting the industry leaders in our local economy.

Real Estate

We are focused on the development and revitalization of Pittsfield and the Berkshires.


Marty's Local

Based in the Berkshires, Marty’s Local connects nearby farmers and food entrepreneurs with institutional buyers, distributors, restaurants, and grocers throughout New England and New York.

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Framework is a coworking space in downtown Pittsfield. Framework provides first-class tools and services for entrepenurs, remote workers, and small businesses. It offers private space and open areas for collaboration, new ideas, and a community pushing them forward.

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Whole Life Pet

Founded in 2009, Whole Life® Pet is a Pittsfield, MA based company with a mission to make the highest quality, safest, best tasting pet treats and food on earth. All products are 100% Human Grade. They are made in-house, from scratch, in small fresh batches daily. 

Emerging Artist Network

Emerging Artist Network provides the most effective and affordable real-time platform for discovering the best new artists, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and tracking their growth over time, providing valuable insights and helping artists, music companies, brands and fans make informed decisions.


Valt protects your digital identity by providing encrypted password protection through simple image recognition software.


Sustaine provides software and managed services to campus cogeneration facilities, enabling them to increase their economic efficiency and improve their sustainability profile.

Green Apple Linen

Green Apple Linen is a Pittsfield-based startup providing quality eco-friendly linen cleaning services. The company services the hospitality industry in the Berkshires and beyond and also provides retail linen cleaning services to local residents.

Working Together

We focus on Western Massachusetts. Our firm’s level of activity encompasses:

  • Seed funding to explore business concepts, pre-company formation
  • Forming & funding startups and actively supporting development activities
  • Venture capital for early-stage startups
  • Growth capital for more established firms

We actively evaluate business concepts and seek like-minded entrepreneurs. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or working together.

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View of Stockbridge Bowl from Tanglewood Music Center

A Focus on Community

We support organizations with strong leaders and thoughtful strategies. We look for organizations with significant impact potential and sustainable models.

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